In addition to being a professional singer, Elizabeth Koontz is an active and dedicated voice and piano teacher in Cincinnati. Elizabeth teaches at her home studio in Mariemont (Cincinnati, OH). With over ten years of teaching experience in addition to her Master of Music degree and extensive performance experience, Ms. Koontz is a highly respected and sought-after teacher.

Students have the opportunity to perform in two Studio Recitals every year. Elizabeth teaches students of ALL ages (5 to 95!) and all levels of proficiency. Lessons are at the same time every week in 30, 45 or 60 minute time frames.
30 minute lessons are $30, 45 minute lessons are $45 and hour lessons are $60.
Payment for lessons is made on a monthly basis.
There is a discount for students who take both piano and voice lessons!

Contact Elizabeth if you are interested in lessons!
Phone: (415) 741-4406

Here is what her students are saying...

"Elizabeth Koontz is an amazing singer and teacher. My daughters are learning from the best!"
-Anthony Terry

"I am very proud of my little star pianist! What a wonderful recital today with Elizabeth Koontz and her piano and vocal students!"
-Jen Short

“Elizabeth has an innate talent for both singing and understanding the vocal instrument. Her creative approach to coaching integrates a wide variety of technical exercises with visualizations. By combining song critique and technical work, I experienced tangible progress in my abilities as a singer. Also very helpful were anecdotes and examples from her actual performing history. Elizabeth is very fun and motivating to work with. Extremely highly recommended!”
-Jeff Sen

“I have very much enjoyed taking voice lessons with Elizabeth. She explains musical concepts clearly and is very supportive. She can quickly make changes in my voice to improve the quality of sound, and she uses technical exercises and warm ups that are healthy for the voice. She is an excellent musician and very knowledgeable in music theory. As a bonus, she has a beautiful voice and is always pleasant to be around!”
-Christina Fletcher

“I have been taking voice lessons from Elizabeth for the past 3 months and I am amazed at my progress already. She is an excellent trainer, very honest and helpful in her instruction. I highly recommend her!”
-Scott H. Burns

“Elizabeth is an incredibly talented singer. I look forward to the day I say, "the famous Elizabeth Koontz once gave me singing lessons!" Her credentials are impressive and as a bonus she presents herself in a very approachable way. She is a regular person with incredible musical abilities - such a pleasant surprise! I would strongly advise anyone interested in improving their natural ability to take advantage of a unique opportunity to receive lessons from someone with a rare talent. It's a great chance to learn from one of the best!”
-Joan Morgan